About the Church


"Look to the Lord and His strength: Seek His face always." 1st Chr 16:11"

Vision Statement

To transform people’s lives through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

To bring people to faith in Jesus Christ, enjoining them as members of the body of Christ, developing them towards Christ-like maturity and equipping them for ministry and mission for the glory of God.


Worship: Develop a conducive environment for Christian worship

Fellowship: Encourage people to enlist and participate in all activities of Christian church membership and pursue joyous Christian living

Discipleship: Nurture God’s people to maturity [Preach, teach, and edify]

Ministry: Minister to the real needs of the members of the body of Christ

Evangelism: Send out and reach out, share and witness God’s Word in our society

Our History

PCEA Ciiko Church was birthed in 1997 from the then PCEA Kasarani-Njiru (now PCEA Mwiki) of the former Kimbo Outreach, Nairobi Presbytery.

By 1997 many people had settled in the larger Sunton area of Mwiki. It became necessary to start a PCEA congregation in the neighbourhood, so as to effectively minister to members spiritual needs.

On 21st July, 1997, a plot was acquired in the Hunters area on the 4th street next to St. Francis Community land. Construction of a temporary sanctuary commenced on October 20th 1997, under the stewardship of Late Elder Fredrick Mbae and vibrant worshipers. On November 2nd, 1997 the PCEA Ciiko members joyfully marched from PCEA Kasarani-Njiru Church to their new place of worship.

On 1st October, 1998, PCEA Kimbo outreach session granted PCEA Ciiko Church an independent LCC from Kasarani-Njiru Church.

Between the years 2000 and 2004, new plots were acquired in the Church's present location and the church moved from the initial one-plot residency to occupy a larger space. From the year 2005, the congregation started raising funds to build the new sanctuary. On 1st September, 2009 the groundbreaking for the construction of the new sanctuary was done. On 2nd September, 2012, members moved into the new sanctuary.

The Church physical address is along Kasarani-Njiru Road at Hunters, about 200 meters from the main road.

It’s a vibrant congregation that has experienced tremendous growth since inception. On December 17, 2017, the larger Kasarani Parish was split into three parishes and PCEA Ciiko was placed under PCEA Kasarani Central Parish together with her off-shoot, PCEA Baraka Church.