Githima District

Githima is a kikuyu word for “spring “a place where water comes up naturally from the ground, hence, githima district.

Isaiah: 41:18……I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched grounds into springs. .(see attached map for the location.)

Githima district meets every Thursday between 6.45 pm and 8.00pm for fellowship at any one of the members house.

The third Thursday of every month is our prayers and fasting day.


God first, others follow.


1 Thessalonians (5:11) Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.


To encourage and build a good relationship between the families, church and society in a Christian ways and teaching, living by example.


Ensuring our district is bible centeredness through fellowship, worship and bible teaching as God intended.


  1. To see to it that every member of the district feels a sense of ownership of our district by giving them different responsibilities.
  2. To encourage members who does not attend district fellowship and these who doesn’t attend regularly. This is by paying them a visit individually. (Elder and deacons)
  3. To recognize, help and encourage individual member with different talent e.g. preaching ,singing intercessory etc.
  4. To support one another through the challenges of daily living and moment of needs.
  5. To make use of professionals within our district.


Hannah N. Mugambi, Julia W. Kamau, Lucy Mukuhi and James N. Kariuki.