“called to the lord’s service”
Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord. (Romans 12:11)


Spiritual and physical growth of men and service to God.


To empower Christian men by enabling them to effectively transform their life, families and society.

Core values

  1. Integrity.
  2. Respect for God, self and others.
  3. Commitment to excellence.
  4. Humility.
  5. Passion.


  1. To fellowship together as united Christian men’s force in matters covering faith, witness and service to Jesus Christ.
  2. To build up Christian character by encouraging regular attendance of our fellowships, at public worship, the reading of scripture and witness to Jesus Christ.
  3. To encourage members to discern, through scripture, positive Christian contribution and living, in all aspects of live and to find ways and means of bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
  4. To develop relationship in sharing and to provide opportunities for guidance and counseling among members, families and youth.
  5. To establish a forum for discussion on specific issues affecting Christian life, service and witness.
  6. To support and participate in the development and maintenance of the church.
  7. To initiate, organize and coordinate the rite of passage of our teens in conjunction with woman’s guild and organize seminars during school holidays.
  8. To encourage members to discover their full or part time Christian vocation.
  9. As “our brothers and sisters ‘keeper” to be concerned about the welfare of others and of these less privileged than ourselves.


All male including youths are eligible for membership by registering to the pcmf treasurer with kh.100. There you shall get a card, a constitution to guide you and there is a monthly contribution of a Khs.100. The other procedures shall be guided by the officials who are available every Sunday after every both service.


We have a guiding policy.


  1. PCMF meet every 2nd Sunday of the month after English and Kiswahili service for their meeting and fellowship.
  2. Every 4th Tuesday of the month, we meet only for the fellowship at 7.00pm at the church.
  3. Rite of passage & Boy mentorship: PCMF mentors the boy child.


To serve and realize above, PCMF members annually elect individual among themselves who are full communicant as per the constitution to help provide leadership and coordination for their programs and activities.

2017-2018 officials:

  1. Chairman: John William Maina
  2. Vice chairman: Wallace Kamau
  3. Secretary: Jeremy Muiruri
  4. Vice-secretary: Peter Gitenguri
  5. Treasurer: Joshua Muhia
  6. Vice -treasurer: Jesse Kagiri

2020-2021 officials:

  1. Chairman: Wallace Kamau Kinungi
  2. Vice chairman: Dickson Maina Njoroge
  3. Secretary: Epphantus Mbugua Kiarie
  4. Vice-secretary: Preston Mugambi Mbaka
  5. Treasurer: Michael Warui Mwangi
  6. Vice -treasurer: David Mukundi Ndungu
  7. Patron: Elder Peter Munga Kariuki