Riverside District


  • Banks of a river
  • Very fertile because of the silt brought down by the waters and deposited there.
  • Water source of life
  • Bank is where we deposit our wealth

Riverside is spiritually rich


We have five zones

We also have Six deacons


Help each and every person to grow spiritually and know his/her purpose and plan in their life.


There is an opportunity for al o share and exercise, their knowledge gift, talent so that they fill part of the fellowship.


We meet every week on Thursday from 6.30 – 7.30 pm for; -

  • Fellowship
  • Reading and sharing the word of God
  • We have prayer and fasting once a month, praying for- Families, church, country insecurity, youth and any other need that can be brought.
  • We also pray and encourage those who are going through challenges.
  • Every month Elder/deacons meet for prayers for; members, families, church, country and the challenges within the zone.
  • We seek unity even to our neighbours who do not belong to our fellowship
  • In needy cases.
  • The sick- We pray with them and encourage the to trust on God


We have groups also P.C.M.F, Woman’s Guild, youth which conduct fellowship so that they feel part of the work of God from mashinani.

As a district we have unity and we support each other in time of;

  • Weddings
  • Child Birth
  • Death of a member or Parent-(praying with he families and giving in any help needed.

Feel welcomed in Riverside District to Fellowship with us.


Elder Nelson