The Elder’s Council

The elder's council comprises of 18 Active District Elders

Elder David Ngugi Waweru

Elder Nelson Kamau Gitau

Elder Zakayo Wakaba Muiruri

Elder Jane W. Kenju

Elder Augustine Gitonga Nyagah - Ndururumo District (Ciiko)

Elder Robert Ngugi Kamau

Elder Geoffrey Ndegwa Mbaratha - Mrima district (Ciiko)

Elder Catherine K. Njeru - Umoja district

Elder James Mwangi Kinuthia

Elder Lucy W. Mburu - Mwangaza district

Elder Pauline N. Ndegwa - Imara district

Elder Alice W. Mathenge - Ebenezer district

Elder Esther W. Ngunjiri - Umagara district

Elder Haron M. Ndiritu - Shalom District

Elders are pastors ordained through a rigorous identification process by the Church’s Presbytery court. They are given charge over the Districts of the local church (church cell groups) so as to shepherd and minister to all individual members of the church at the very basic level, the family. All members of the Presbyterian Church must, therefore, belong to a district which forms the basic unit for their spiritual growth as well as any personal ministry that one may be in need of.

The Elders’ Council also authorizes all activities to be undertaken by the local Church as it is the representative of the Parish Session, which is the ultimate decision-making body of the church.

Under the elders in the Districts are chosen deacons who are assigned zones in the district to be able to effectively reach every member.

Elders are also the Patrons or pastors to the various groups and programs established in the church for ministry to the unique categories of church members, e.g. the Men’s Fellowship, Woman’s Guild or Youth and Children ministries among others. They provide spiritual guidance as we link and represent the various groups in the Church’s decision-making body, the Session.

The Elders, Deacons and Group leaders must endeavour to exemplify the Christian life in their own lives, character, conduct and speech. They ought to be able to share the Word of God and witness effectively. They also must be conversant with the Church doctrines and teachings. This enables to be effective leaders of the groups and persons entrusted to them.

2021-2022 officials:

  1. Chairman: Elder Geoffrey Ndegwa Mbaratha
  2. Secretary: Elder Nancy N. Irungu
  3. Registrar: Mary M. Gachani
  4. Treasurer: John T. Mwangi

2017-2020 officials:

  1. Chairman: Elder Augustine Gitonga Nyagah
  2. Secretary: Elder Esther W. Ngunjiri
  3. Registrar: Mercy W. Ndirangu
  4. Treasurer: Jeremiah Mwangi Kimani